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10 Benefits of garden egg that you didn't know

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Garden egg is a type of egg plant and wildly eaten food crop in Africa. The small bulb-shaped vegetable has a slightly bitter taste and it is either white or green in color. Below are some benefits of garden egg.

1. Weight loss: garden eggs are highly recommended for weight loss diets because of its high fiber content. Fine helps to fill you up faster which causes you to eat less than you normally would. Green garden eggs helps better for weight loss than white ones. Garden egg is also low in cholesterol and protein, further hindering significant or rapid weight gain.

2. Prevents heat diseases : Garden egg is rich in vitamins which help the heart function. It contains soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins. It is rich in vitamin B1 which is essential for proper functioning of the heat and nervous system and asks do in vitamin B6 which aids cellular respiration. In other words, garden egg reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

3. Helps during pregnancy : What a mother takes into her system affects the baby she's carrying. Pregnancy can result to unhealthy cravings, habits and hormonal imbalances which can either affect the baby positively or negatively. Garden egg is good during pregnancy because it helps keep a healthy heart, reduces cholesterol, avoid malnutrition, prevent anemia, relieves stress, control blood and more.

4. Lowers cholesterol level : High fiber content of they garden egg reduces cholesterol levels in the body. This helps to protect the arteries from clogging and blocking proper blood flow.

5.  Good for digestion : Garden egg is high in fiber content and water which ease digestion. It makes digestion faster. This will increase the body's metabolism rate, speed up digestion and reduce weight gain.

6. Lowers blood sugar level : Garden egg contains element which reduce glucose absorption to the body. It reduces blood sugar level and is great for diabetic patients.

7. Good for cold and cough :Garden egg contains vitamin c,which is the active element needed to fight colds, cough and prevent scurvy.

8. Improve immune system :Garden egg contains anti-bacteria properties which can help fight diseases, this strengthening the body's immune system. By blending it into a juice, it allows for better absorption on all those needed elements.

9. Stronger bones :Both the old and the young need strong bones and a strong body. Garden egg is rich in calcium and phosphorus which is essential for strong bones and teeth.

10. Aids muscles:Garden egg is high in potassium content which is essential for proper functioning of body muscles. Potassium helps the muscle contract properly and actively regulates body fluids.

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