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What you must know about kissing your partner

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Kissing has been a sign of affection in relationships. Partners in relationship nowadays kiss without considering the health implication of this sign. Kissing has different meaning depending on where it is been placed. The one done on the lips is mainly for relationships that are intimate.

Please note this, when you kiss, you both exchange saliva but do you know that this saliva a times contains millions of bacterial? Some seconds of kiss can give you a disease you might not like if you are not careful.

Everyone is free to kiss but take note of your partner carefully as disease do not show on the face.

Below are some of the infections that are transferred during kissing

1.    Influenza

This is a very harmful disease that is transferred from one person to another mainly through droplets made when an infected person cough, talk or sneeze. Influenza is highly transmitted during kissing and some of the symptoms include fever, cough, fatigue and sore throat.

2.    Rubella

It is popularly called German measles. It is highly contagious and it is transmitted when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The major signs are fever and rash. Some vaccine has also been produced that can prevent this.

3.    Mononucleosis

This disease mainly spread through the saliva and for that reason, it is often called the kissing disease . some of the symptoms include sore throat, fever, fatigue and swollen lymph glands.

4.    Mumps

This is a very dangerous disease that affects the salivary glands causing it to swell. It is also airborne as it spreads through droplets from the nose or throat. Some of the symptoms include fever, headache , muscle aches, fatigue and also loss of appetite.

5.    Cytomegalovirus

This disease spreads via the saliva, urine, semen,blood and even breast milk. This disease also affects the immune system and it greatly depletes the body system. Symptoms include pneumonia, fever, muscle aches, fatigue, encephalitis, seizures and even visual impairment.

6.    Gum disease

This plaque is largely made as a result of bacteria, different particles and mucus that live in our mouth. Brushing goes a long way is eliminating this plaque. There can build up under the gum and cause gum disease. Frequently brush your teeth to deal with this plaque.

7.    Polio

This is a very infectious disease that is transmitted among young children. It is mainly transmitted through oral contact or contaminated meals. Symptoms consist of fever, limb pain, fatigue, and headache. While there is no current treatment for it, immunization can help.

Please, be very careful of who you kiss, someone can look healthy but have bunch of infections in the body.

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